Sound Libraries – Epic Sound Effects – Quantum [WAV]


Sound Libraries – Epic Sound Effects – Quantum [WAV]

Official Website: Epic Sound Effects

Distributed Material: Sound FX
Format: WAV

Sound is an important integral content. Bad sound can ruin branding. Watch a trailer without proper sound effects and you’ll notice how clumsy it looks. Conversely, better sound improves visual effects. It is incredible how much quality SFX can visually expand the visual atmosphere.
In a world where attention spans are important, and especially in a cinematic trailer, sound effects are designed to “captivate” our ears. Not because we say so …. but because trailers are part of marketing and advertising. This is a very competitive industry where every solution is subject to focus testing to make more money.
Quantum will significantly improve the quality of your products. All sound was created by leading sound engineers and processed to the highest standards.

Epic Sound Effects - Quantum

– 173 Designed Samples
– Format: WAV 32-bit | 48 KHz | 3072 Kbps

Download Sound Libraries – Epic Sound Effects – Quantum [WAV]

size: 511 mb

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