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Cinetools is proud to present “Mist (translation: Mist, Haze, Haze)”. It is a phenomenal SFX library that uniquely combines the genres of mystery, crime, thriller, and supernatural fiction. Covering a wide range of components, this enigmatic library of over 1000 immersive sound effects blends perfectly with tense, horror and sci-fi moods and opens up a whole new world of creativity. So be careful, once you dive into the Mist universe your imagination starts tick-tock, tick-tock, and then you can’t stop it!
“Mist” includes all the necessary elements needed to create a mysterious project from scratch or with an emphasis on any existing. This peerless library provides a vast array of intriguing sounds such as intense atmospheres and unnerving atmospheres, epic highs and ethereal melodies, energetic impulses and overwhelming cinematic sequences, menacing deep brass and reverberating percussion, chaotic beats and impressive pulses, disturbing soundscapes and dark dramatic pianos to epic orchestral phrases, terrifying shokers to the deepest rumbles, innovative whistles and powerful transitions, deafening crescendos and deep drum beats and much more. Everything is right here and ready to use, just add them to fill in what’s missing in your old project,
Mist will find a place in your library as a must-see for your next masterpiece. It doesn’t matter if it’s a TV series, movie, trailer, game, documentary or more, this library is suitable for a wide variety of styles: from mystery to thriller, from deep emotions to dark science fiction and beyond, and is also a good source of information for anyone interested in rich themes, waiting soundtracks, dark underlines, time travel backgrounds, supernatural mysteries, or just something original!

  Sound Libraries - Cinetools - Mist [WAV]

– 1026 SFX Files
– WAV 24-bit format | 96-192 kHz | 4608 kbps

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size:  8.29 GB


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