Sound Libraries – Boom Library – Trains [WAV]



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The TRAINS library provides you with a huge selection of clean, high quality sound effects. It includes the sounds of almost any train and engine. Heavy freight trains, old and modern passenger trains with electric, steam and diesel engines. The recordings were made in various places such as the cockpit, wagons, engine rooms, cabins, and even toilets. Nothing was left unwritten. Sound effects outside include cars passing by, trains departing and arriving, wheels, horns, rattling, rattling, squeaking, clicking, clutching, braking, venting, and more! There is absolutely any sound you need for a realistic train environment, and as always, with high quality.
50% of the library was recorded with dual M / S surround microphones. The surround version of our TRAINS library gives you all the sounds from the stereo version, as well as additional surround sounds to create great surround sound with ease. To find out what sounds are included in 5.0 Surround Sound, see the white paper “TRAINS_Surround_Metadata” included in the distribution ..

Sound Libraries - Boom Library - Trains [WAV]

– Surround – 2352 sounds files
– Stereo – 544 sounds files
– WAV format 24-bit | 96 kHz | 2304 kbps

Download – Sound Libraries – Boom Library – Trains [WAV]

size:46.8 GB


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