Sound Libraries – Boom Library – Magic – Arcane Forces [WAV]


Magic – Arcane Forces

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Format: WAV

Magic – Arcane Forces Construction Kit not only provides you with over 11GB of pristine recordings to create deep, complex and iconic magic sounds, but also pushes the boundaries when it comes to applications force, movement and physical transformation to recorded sound sources. Add to that a range of processed, powerful sounds as well as otherworldly sweeteners, and you can easily create top-of-the-line sounds for combat magic action movies, magic in general, and even other fantasy or sci-fi genres.

Magic – Arcane Forces Designed– Imagine a fierce duel between two archmages at the top of a thundering mountain, exchanging relentless blows from the air, while the world around them collapses in a collision of blazing fire, deadly ice and unleashed energy – This is how it sounds. Magic – Arcane Forces is not just for cinematographers and trailer editors, game genre, but much more. Designed is easy to work with and ready to use in many scenarios.

 Sound Libraries - Boom Library - Magic - Arcane Forces [WAV]

– Construction Kit – 650 files (3240 Sounds)
– Designed – 124 files (496 Sounds)
– Format: WAV 24-bit | 96 kHz | 4608 kbps

Download – Sound Libraries – Boom Library – Magic – Arcane Forces [WAV]

size: 11.9 GB


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