Presets – Priime – Presets for Lightroom [DCP, LRTEMPLATE]

Presets – Priime – Presets for Lightroom [DCP, LRTEMPLATE]

Title: Priime – Presets for Lightroom
Official Website: Priime, Inc.

Distributed material: Presets

Presets - 1,000 Professional Lightroom Presets [LRTEMPLATE]

• MAC / PC
• Adobe Camera Raw 7 & 9 *
• Adobe Lightroom 4, 5, 6, CC

Revolutionary presets and camera profiles to speed up the workflow to produce great post- processing.

“We have accumulated many years of experience in creating styles and created a set of delightful, unique professional-level presets for Lightroom. Named after some of our favorite places in the world, these presets have many variations and an array of bold, beautiful views.”

These presets, based on the traditions of the film, but updated for the world of modern photography, will accelerate your workflow and give your photos a professional shine.

Download Presets – Priime – Presets for Lightroom [DCP, LRTEMPLATE]

size: 62,1 mb

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