Futazhi – Motion Science – Analog Glitch Elements [MP4]


Analog glitch elements

Official site: Motion Science
Shared Material: Futazhi

File Resolution: 3840 × 2160
Format: MP4

Analog glitch elements that instantly add visual interest to your project. All footages are looped, which makes them versatile. Analogs are in vogue now. And animation glitches too. These elements can be seen in music videos, LED installations, commercials, etc.
The Analog Glitch Pack is the perfect package for animating glitches with analog processing. These 70 elements can be used in video or graphics, or combined together to create completely new analog glitches. The elements of the package are easy to use. Just drag and drop them to any project. They will work on any system and instantly give your videos an analog look that will be noticed. This powerful package will amaze your audience.
Rendering at 3840 x 2160 gives additional flexibility to pixels for position and scale. Each glitch shape animation can be customized in color using easy to use coloring techniques. Unbeatable quality glitches that look better than standard glitches found elsewhere.

Futazhi - Motion Science - Analog Glitch Elements [MP4]

– 70 Unique Element Animations
– Most Elements are Loopable
– Ultra HD (3840 × 2160) Resolution
– Color Customizable
– Work in any Software
– Drag & Drop Ease
– Tutorials Included
– Alpha Channel No Included
– Video Encoding AVC H.264

Download – Futazhi – Motion Science – Analog Glitch Elements [MP4]

size:883 MB


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